Friday, October 29, 2004

Getting this in gear to close 2004

Likewise, we do need to better coordinate among UU churches.

I'm set for making this one of my big missions this year, even skipping a good amount of Sunday's at my church to go to others to make it occur. But, I want to be welcomed, expected and have folks there on the ground who share the sense of duty to have common ground.

For example 1: Let's talk about the blog and websites and email.
You can, for example, subscribe to my blog via eamil. As messages get updated or comments left -- you get an email. And, you can get a daily email too (digest version).

See side bar at

#2: We could set up a shared blog and have different types of subscribership.

#3. We can use a RSS feed as well. Some folks can turn their home page into a MyYahoo thing and see at a glance a lot of different, neat things, including our uu church blog. If people knew how to do this for themselves, it would help. I could do a tutorial. My Yahoo is free.

#4. We also need to teach people how to leave comments on a blog. And, how to be a contributor to a blog. This is easy stuff. But, it takes a bit of hand-holding at the outset.

#5. We should do a much better job with our coffee-house programs. Wilburn does a lot with Caliopy. Yours works. Ours is hit or miss. But, we just had a great event with Amy Carol Webb. There is none better. Wish you all could have been around and informed.

Another Florida singer friend is coming back to Pittsburgh Jan 29. I'd be happy to promote the daylights out of her event. It is going to be at First Unitarian as part of Caliopy ledgens event. She did a service at our church in the summer, before heading to S.I. She should play or lead your Sunday Service this visit. Her name is Mindy Simmons.

#6. Finally -- not really -- but for now -- we should do a better job at being what I call the IOWA Caucuses of Pittsburgh politics. We'll have candidates for office in a couple (or more) of our congregations. (Mayor, Judge, more?) East Suburban hosted a US Congress debate. Wonderful. But, it wasn't put on tape due to a candidate request. Screw that.

I got Roddey and Onorato on tape on 9-11-03 in the South Side. But, we need to get that content to your people, as well as other stuff.

Furthermore, last sunday Amy Carol Webb (singer) and I was on the KDKA radio show. We talked a good deal about our UU principle of Democracy. I'd like all your people to hear that show -- tape -- one hour.

There is much to do.

Let's do it. I'm game. I'll come over to your church and speak at a meeting to help coordinate this "outreach" among UU congregations via the net. As blogmaster and soon to be retired webmaster, I feel empowered to meet and mingle and bring more back to our members and board. As a music friend -- same too with the concerts and politics even.

Feel free to use this -- or parts -- as the opening for a call to action at your church. Set a date and I'll come over. Call anytime.

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